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About the Makers

The Dharma Door Fair Trade Australia

Quick Facts

  • The people that make our products work in conditions that comply with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, including receiving a fair wage, safe work conditions, and no child or forced labour
  • The vast majority of the people that make our products are women. Receiving a fair income means that the women don't have to depend on their husbands or male family members financially. It also means they can afford education for their children, which has a far-reaching impact on the whole community. The World Bank states keeping girls in the classroom for as long as possible is crucial in the fight to eradicate global poverty
  • We stock products that are made in over 20 different countries, including Australia
  • Every single one of our products is uniquely handmade
  • Many of our makers use traditional craft techniques, processes, and materials or ingredients, which ensures traditional skills and cultural knowledge are kept alive
  • Our Aboriginal Art suppliers are members of the Indigenous Art Code, which preserves and promotes the ethical trade of Indigenous Art. Artists receive royalties for every sale

The people behind the products

Click on the brands below to learn more about the people and processes behind the products.

Article 22 - Laos

Article 22 Makers

Better World Arts - Australia and India

Bush Medijina - Groote Eylandt, Australia

Bush Medijina artisans

Cloth & Co. - India & Nepal

Cloth & Co artisans India - I made your clothes

Conscious Step - India 

Conscious Step Socks - Organic Cotton Farmers, India

The Dharma Door - Bangladesh

The Dharma Door artisan in Bangladesh holding basket

Eden Jewellery - Myanmar & other parts of Asia

Entoto Beth Artisan - Ethiopia

Ethica - Peru

Fair Go Trading - India, Bangladesh and Indonesia

Fair Go Trading - About the Makers

Finders and Makers - India, Nepal and Cambodia

Gardens of the Sun - Bali

Gardens of the Sun Artisan

GK Collective - Azerbaijan

Just Trade - Peru, Ecuador, India & Vietnam

Just Trade Flowering Desert Women Artisans

Joyn Bags - India and Nepal

Joyn Fair Trade Bags Australia

Kenana Knitters - Kenya

La Sierra Alpaca - Peru and Ecuador

Nancybird - India & China

Ngwenya Glass - Eswatini / Swaziland

Ngwenya Glass Blowers

Oh Happy Home - India

Ovae - Indonesia

Pashom - Nepal

Pebble Child - Bangladesh

SOKO Jewellery - Kenya

Starfish Project - Asia

Tintsaba - Eswatini / Swaziland

U-Chus Fair Trade - Bangladesh

U-Chus Fair Trade - a woman artisan weaves a basket in Bangladesh