Earth Worthy: About the Makers

Earth Worthy ethical and sustainable tote bags


Where: Made in Bangladesh
When: Established in 2018
Who: Founded by Jessica Clark (Australia)
Products: Tote bags and tea towels
Materials: Jute and organic cotton
Values: Sustainability, Fair Trade

"When we started Earth Worthy the question was: how can we use the most environmentally friendly products and be as kind to the earth as possible?

"How can we create employment opportunities or work with people in the fairest possible way?"

- Jessica Clark, Earth Worthy Founder
Earth Worthy sustainable jute tote bag - mustard

About Earth Worthy

Earth Worthy was founded in 2018 by Jessica Clark, a mother of two from Wollongong, Australia. Prior to creating the social enterprise, Jess was working in Bangladesh in environmental advocacy. During her time in Bangladesh, Jess learned about an incredibly sustainable and readily available fibre - jute. In Australia, the ban on plastic bags at supermarkets had just taken effect, and so Earth Worthy was created to provide consumers with a reusable bag option that was made from eco-friendly materials.

About the Makers

Jess and her team partner with a production house in Bangladesh where the makers are paid fairly, work in safe conditions and are treated with respect.

Amongst the makers of Earth Worthy bags are survivors of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse that occurred in 2013. These survivors are unable to work in larger factories because of disability or trauma. Earth Worthy provides them with a workplace where they are safe and happy.

Profits from Earth Worthy bags are reinvested back into the community in Bangladesh in order to provide more income opportunities for local artisans.

Earth Worthy artisans in Bangladesh
Earth Worthy ethical bags maker Bangladesh


Earth Worthy sustainable tote bags

Support the Earth Worthy artisans by purchasing their Tote Bags and Tea Towels here.