Meet the Amazing Fair Trader Team

The Fair Trader is a Melbourne-based business that was co-founded by Bronwyn and John Newnham. They work with a team of amazing and dedicated individuals who all bring their special skills to the wonder and adventure and challenge that is The Fair Trader.


Bron sources our beautiful Fair Trade products from all over our world. She loves the challenge of getting Fair Trade products from far flung places in the world to Melbourne, and seeing customers' faces when they see a new and gorgeous product in store.


John manages all the financial accounting and details. He is also always up for a challenge when we need anything fixed or created to enhance a product display. He has made tables, painted loads of furniture, and even wood-turned ring displays. In our busier months, he also sends out your online orders, and writes an individual note to each customer. 

Bec K

Bec K has been a part of the Fair Trader team since the beginning, and she is currently our online store manager. She has been pivotal in the building of our online store, and continues to problem solve all things IT in a typical Bec calm and unflustered manner. Bec looks after our inventory, (no small task!) and makes sure the online store runs smoothly. Bec is also the brains behind our Instagram and Facebook pages, creating content to keep our followers in the loop about all things The Fair Trader. If you're lucky, sometimes you might see Bec's smiling face behind the counter in store.

Bec S

Bec S works on our online store and tells the stories about the people, ethics, and sustainability behind our products. She writes our product descriptions, 'About the Makers' pages and newsletters, and contributes to our blog. Bec has been working and volunteering in the Fair Trade and social enterprise world for over five years, and she has extensive knowledge about our producers, keeping the whole team up to date with our product and maker knowledge. Bec also helps Bron research and find new Fair Trade products.


Bev is one of the lovely faces you will see when you visit us in store. Bev came to The Fair Trader after years of running her own Fair Trade Agency, and is an amazing source of knowledge and expertise in all things Fair Trade. Her product knowledge is unsurpassed, and she also creates some of the beautiful displays in store with her eye for colour and detail. Bron also relies on Bev for expertise and help in ordering our beautiful Fair Trade products. 


Sandra has been working in our shop for many years and is another one of the friendly faces you will meet when you come and visit us. She is patient and kind and this makes her a favourite amongst the team. She is responsible for the all important rostering, and manages to keep everyone happy with their working hours! She also makes sure that we never ever run out of our customers all important Fair Trade coffee and tea. 


Jill is one of the newest members of our team and we are delighted to have her working in store with us. Jill has a brilliant eye thanks to a natural awareness of style and years working in floristry. She helps Bron and Bev create our window displays. Jill also works to keep the Fair Trader retail store absolutely beautiful, honouring the work that the makers put into every product, and she does it so well. 


Anna is another one of our newest team members who works in store. She is has completed a Human Rights and International Relations Degree, and has a passion for justice. She is a delight to work with and contributes a great deal to our team.


Samantha is The Fair Trader's photographer. Alongside running her own photography business, Sam has been an integral part of the visuals on our new website, thanks to her talented eye and knack for capturing soft, dreamy images. If you browse through our products you will see Sam's beautiful photos.

Special Mentions

Nat, Beth, Sherryn, Aleisha, Ebony, Rose, Dave, Jo, Mary and Mary.  Thank you for your hard work over the years to help make The Fair Trader what it is today. Your hard work and laughter and friendship is much missed. 

These are the people that make The Fair Trader possible. We would not have come this far without their hard work and insights and dedication. 

Every customer is also part of our team. Your kind support and faithful purchasing make the work of the Fair Trader possible. Poverty is a such challenging problem, one that often feels unsolvable, and where we often feel completely powerless, but changing the world through ethical purchasing is such a simple, positive and effective action. We really do have the power to change someone’s world.