Pashom: About the Makers

The artisans from Pashom make our beautiful felt toys, kids decor and Christmas decorations.

Supplier Snapshot

Where: Kathmandu, Nepal
Who: Owned by Fiona Chadwick and directed by Anita Gurung
Key Values: Empowering women, Fair Trade, education, sustainability
Makers Demographics: 100% women from mixed socio-economic backgrounds, many are single mothers
Fair Conditions: Work 9-5, paid above award wages, receive benefits including annual leave, sick pay and a yearly bonus, women with children can work at home
Education: Pashom donates a percentage of profits to fund education for makers' children
Memberships: Members of Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand & Fair Traders of Australia
Materials Used: New Zealand wool

The Pashom workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal is run by the formidable Anita Gurung.

Anita is a wonderful force to be reckoned with and is the backbone of Pashom's operations in Nepal. Not only is she the integral part of ensuring all Pashom products are made on time and always to a very high quality, she also looks after all the women that we support and extends her time and energy to them both financially and emotionally.

The Pashom team of 35+ artisans come from various regions of Nepal and India and from mixed socio-economic backgrounds. Many are single mothers supporting their children’s wellbeing and education, and we are so happy to be able to provide them with the security of fulltime employment and a loving and supportive workplace. Our artisans are very proud of their work and the love and pride imbued in our products can truly be felt.

Pashom is dedicated to supporting cottage craft and Fair Trade industry in Nepal and empowering women to become self sufficient and to reach their full potential. The artisans work in a happy, fair and dignified environment where they work from 9am to 5pm, are paid above award wages and receive benefits including annual leave, sick pay and a yearly bonus. Women with young children at home who cannot travel daily to the workshop are able to take the raw materials to their homes and work in their own time. Pashom also donates a percentage of profit to the continuing education of our artisans’ children.

Pashom is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand & was in the first group of businesses nationally to be endorsed by the Association as a Fair Trader Of Australia (FToA) in December 2010.

The founder of Pashom, Fiona Chadwick, speaks with Anita Gurung, the director of the Pashom workshop in Kathmandu

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