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At The Fair Trader we trade with organisations that have a real concern for the social, and economic well being of the people who create their products.

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At The Fair Trader are proud members of Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand.  We only stock products made by organisations with transparent and deeply held ethical values with goals of poverty alleviation and empowerment. All the products in our store and online have a story you can read, about people with hope! A hope for a different future for themselves, their children and their communities. 

Our goal is to give the Melbourne and Australian community an opportunity to purchase beautiful artisan products which give the gift of regular and sustained employment for the producers, a wage which enables them to survive and thrive and is an investment into the producer's local community. The products are beautiful, well made and individual. We are proud to sell such unique products. The amazing and resilient people who make our products teach us every day that no matter how hard your circumstances, great things are possible.

Both of us were born in economically poor countries. John was born in rural Bangladesh and Bronwyn was born in South Korea just after the devastating Korean civil war. For both of us, this has meant we have no illusions about the absolute horror of extreme poverty. We know it, we have seen it. It is devastating. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of Fair Trade to reduce poverty through the creation of real and sustained opportunities. We try in The Fair Trader to ensure that the producers of the products we sell are treated in a just and dignified manner. We are tremendously grateful to everyone who purchases our products because each purchase helps us achieve this.

In a world where we often feel powerless, changing the world through ethical purchasing is such a simple and positive action. We really do have the power to change someone’s world.


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