Top 7 Ethical Gifts for 2018

Top 7 Ethical Gifts for 2018

Posted by Rebecca Kempson on

With Christmas just around the corner, we have listed here our top 7 ethical gifts for 2018 to help you choose one amazing gift!!

Thoughtful Christmas presents are even better when they give twice! Once to the person who made the product, and once to the person receiving the presi!

7 - Ecoffee Cups from $15.95

Ecoffee cups are made from bamboo which is naturally resistant to bacteria. Bamboo Cups are the new generation of reusable takeaway cups. They won't flavour-taint your drinks, are totally dishwasher safe and come in some beautiful designs!


See the full range we have here.


6 - Conscious Step Socks - from $22.00

Conscious Step believes that knowing your clothing was not created at the expense of people or the planet should be the number one thing making you feel good! These socks are created using a sustainable supply chain, organic cotton, and a Fair Trade Certified workplace. We, however, think the best thing about Conscious Step socks is the fact that each pair sold brings an awareness of problems we face, coupled with organisations working to solve those problems! 


See the full range we have here.


5 - Ditzy Teddy Bear from $44.00

These cuddly teddies are made from pure wool, grown locally in Kenya. The wool is homespun by women in rural Kenya and dyed using natural non-toxic food dyes. Knitted by one of over 430 Kenyan women who create the wonder of Kenana toys, the result is a  soft, cuddly Teddy Bear, with an endearing face. A face that will keep all your child's secrets and love them with all a Teddy's big heart.

View our adorable ditzy bears here.


4 - Etiko Thongs $27.95

These thongs are so comfy on your feet, No hard and horrible plastic, just a luscious combination of soft natural and recycled rubber. For the same price as other rubber thongs these thongs give extra support to Sea Shepherd, Animals Australia, Save the Children and Free the Bears. Pretty Cool and Fair Trade Too!!


View our Etiko thongs here.


3 - The Everything Pouch from $29.00

This book bag will help order and organise your working day. Imagine walking into the meeting looking calm and organised with everything you need in your stylish pouch. My Apple Mac fits into this pouch and is protected within. You could take this pouch with you when you travel with all your duplicate documents within for safety. This is a perfect gift for a precious friend going wandering.

View all the designs here.


2 - Miles to go...Leather Journal $64.95

This Fair Trade Leather Journal is a perfect size 18.5cm x 26cm and a perfect gift for a friend going travelling, or loves to draw or a present for your favourite man.  The leather cover is transferable to another paper journal when you have filled every page of this one with special memories... 

View this beautiful journal here.


Last but not least!

1 - Ethical Hampers from $35

We create the most beautiful Hampers full of Fair Trade Goodies for you to give and enjoy. We have created this Hamper in gorgeous Green but we can create one with a colour palette and theme that suits your requirements.  This will save you so much time, just choose an online option and let us create a Hamper to suit your needs. 

View our hampers here and change the colour theme.

Still can't decide?

Let your loved one choose from our extensive range (around 2,000 products!!) with a gift card to help change the world!

Purchase one here.

Please note - prices may have changed since this posting so please take note when purchasing. Thank-you!


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