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The Everything Pouch

The Dharma Door

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 This book bag will help order and organise your working day. Imagine walking into the meeting looking calm and organised with everything you need in your stylish pouch. My Apple Mac fits into this pouch and is protected within. You could take this pouch with you when you travel with all your duplicate documents within for safety. This is a perfect gift for a precious friend going wandering.

  • Book Bag,
  • Foldover Closure
  • Patterned Exterior
  • Jute Interior.
  • 33.5 x 26cm
  • Fair Trade

The Dharma Door has been commissioning the incredible skills of female artisans in remote, rural communities in Bangladesh since 2004. Women in Bangladesh are told from birth that they are a burden and "girls are made for marriage" The Dharma Door seeks to empower women with Fair and sustained employment changing their fate!

You can meet the women who make you Everything Pouch Here.

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