Thurlby Herb Farm Makes it Easy to Go Plastic Free

Thurlby Herb Farm Makes it Easy to Go Plastic Free

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This Plastic Free July, we'd like to introduce you to Thurlby Herb Farm - an Australian made brand that creates botanical soaps, balms, scrubs and gifts. Their products are totally plastic free, and instead are packaged in Fair Trade recycled cotton paper, tins and glass jars.

Thurlby Herb Farm

Where: 15km north of Walpole, Western Australia
When: Established over 30 years ago
Products: Handmade soaps, skincare, gifts, clothing protectors and herbal blends. View here
Values: Australian made, cruelty free, sustainability, recycled packaging, Fair Trade

"The goal of Thurlby is simple, to make fine quality botantically based products – the sort of products we would like to use ourselves."


The Thurlby Herb Farm is tucked away not far from Walpole in the southern forests of Western Australia – 420 km south of Perth and 120km west of Albany. The essential oils and herbs used in their products are sourced from the Thurlby garden or imported from ethical herb and spice cooperatives around the world. Botanicals are collected from the garden, then dried and mixed in different aromatic blends to be used in their products which are handmade at the farm. Thurlby products contain no synthetic additives, parabens or lauryl sulphates, and they are not tested on animals.


Thurlby's product packaging is made from recycled cotton paper that is handmade in Bangladesh by a Fair Trade women's co-op. This cotton is a by-product from the clothing industry. The packaging features a range of colourful prints as well as more neutral options. Products like balms and scrubs that require more hefty packaging come in reusable tins or glass jars.

Plastic Free Products

Thurlby offers a wide selection of products that will help you reduce your plastic use in the bathroom and around the home. The Thurlby team are masters of alchemy, crafting aromatic herbal blends that will comfort and soothe. Here's some of our favourites:

1. Shampoo Bars

An Australian made shampoo bar made with 100% natural ingredients, and packaged in recycled cotton paper. The neutral packaging makes it a great gift for men or women.

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2. Laundry Bars
Made from botanicals from the Thurlby garden, this Laundry Soap is perfect for spot cleaning, hand washing and laundering on the go. Removes spots, stubborn stains and plain old dirt.
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3. Baby Booty Balm
Deeply nourishing, this 100% natural balm is designed to soothe your baby's bottom and prevent nappy rash. It comes in a reusable tin.
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4. Shaving Soap
Packaged in a reusable tin, this all natural shaving soap will give a smooth shave on even the most sensitive skin.
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5. Heat Packs
The cover on this sandalwood-scented heat pack is made from linen, an eco-friendly fabric that uses much less energy and water to produce than any other fabric. Heat and apply to sore muscles or cosy up with it when working from home so you can turn down the heater a couple of degrees.
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6. Clothing Protectors
Designed to repel wardrobe pests to ensure your precious clothing stays in one piece, these beautifully patterned sachets will leave your clothes with a lovely, natural aroma.
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7. Autoroma Car Air Freshener
A plastic-free car air freshener, made with 100% natural aromatic herbs at the Thurlby farm.
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8. Bathing Brew Sachets
Perfect for unwinding after a long day, these bathing brew sachets are packaged in hand-printed, handmade paper that is made from recycled cotton. This set of three sachets is made from soothing oatmeal and handmade soap chips combined with three different botanical blends.
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9. Sugar Body Scrub
Packaged in a reusable (or recyclable) glass jar, this delightful body scrub will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. It is made from a blend of brown sugar, raw sugar, almond oil, macadamia oil, rosemary, vanilla and cinnamon, and smells gorgeous.
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10. Shoe Odor Repelling Sachets
A plastic-free solution to stinky shoes, made with all natural herbs.
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