Kickstart your Plastic Free July with these zero waste products!

Kickstart your Plastic Free July with these zero waste products!

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Whether you're totally new to reducing your waste or you're a seasoned zero-waster, The Fair Trader can help you on your journey to plastic free living with products that are not only good for the planet, but good for the people that make them too.

The Hazelnut Tree Shampoo Bars

If you're looking for locally Melbourne-made zero waste shampoo, look no further! We are now stocking The Hazelnut Tree shampoo bars. Each bar is lovingly handmade, poured and cut in Melbourne using all natural plant-based ingredients. The shampoo is palm oil free, and does not contain artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives. Plus it smells amazing! Planning a trip away? Just wrap the shampoo bar in a beeswax wrap and go! No more worrying about shampoo bottles exploding in your bag!

Shop The Hazelnut Tree Shampoo Bars

Eco Max Brushes

The bristles of Eco Max brushes are made from coconut fibre which means no nasty microplastics will escape down the drain when you clean your home. When the brushes reach the end of their life, you can throw them in the compost, and recycle the metal handles. These brushes are made Fairtrade in Sri Lanka.

Click here to check out the full range of household, personal and pet care brushes.

Reusable Coffee Cups

We're guessing if you're reading this list then you probably already have your own reusable coffee cup. But we all have someone in our life that is yet to jump on the zero waste bandwagon. Why not encourage them by gifting them their own reusable cup? With designs as gorgeous and stylish as these, they're bound to want to take their cup with them everywhere! (Or if all else fails, tell them it keeps their coffee hotter, that should do the trick!)

Shop reusable cups

Produce Bags and Beeswax Wraps

One of the simplest ways to reduce plastic waste is to switch plastic produce bags and cling wrap for reusable alternatives. We love Sustomi's colourful, fun designs. Who said plastic free living had to be all hession sacks and brown paper bags? Made ethically in Tasmania, these bags and wraps will remain your zero waste best friends long after Plastic Free July has ended.

Shop produce bags online

Quazi Design Earrings

Picture this: You're waiting in line for your morning coffee wearing your fave pair of Quazi Design earrings. But you're feeling a bit sorry for the state of the world because you just read on social media that there are more microplastics in the ocean than there are stars in the milky way(!!). As she hands you your almond latte (in your reusable cup, obviously), the barrista compliments your earrings (because who doesn't love colourful geometric shapes). “Thanks!” you beam, your eco-conscious-fatigue beginning to wash away as a result of the compliment, “They're made from recycled magazines!” “That's so cool!” says the barrista, “I've just started Plastic Free July!” You both proceed to swap zero waste tips, and you start your day feeling a bit more hopeful about the world.

In short, these earrings are guaranteed to get you compliments and make your day better.

Shop eco-friendly earrings

Earth Greetings Cards

Designed by Australian artists. Tick. Printed on 100% post consumer waste paper. Tick. Carbon neutral printing. Tick. Printed using vegetable-based dyes. Tick. Shipped in plastic free packaging. Tick. It's a zero waste win! Plus would you LOOK at these beautiful designs portraying native Australian flora and fauna?

Visit us in store at Ringwood East to see the full collection.

Second Chance Bangkok

This social enterprise based in Bangkok upcycles fabric from unwanted clothing into beautiful bunting, coasters and other homewares. The initiative gives fair work to women that live in Thailand's largest slum community, Klong Toey. 'Reusing' is one of the keys to reducing waste, and this fabric 'Happy Birthday' bunting can be reused year after year!

Shop upcycled bunting

The Fair Trader Bags

Don't worry if you forget your reusable bag when you visit us in store. Our bags are made from recycled magazines and books that are sewn up at the sides, creating a lovely plastic free bag in which you can carry your purchase home safely. The bags are so beautiful that many people like to reuse them for giving gifts! We also use these bags to ship online orders where possible.

Written by Bec Sykes

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