'Joyn' in and Change Lives

'Joyn' in and Change Lives

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There isn’t much better than the pride and confidence you get from loving something you are wearing or giving an ethical gift, knowing where it came from and how it was made.


A bit about Joyn

Joyn was one of the first suppliers we wanted to support due to their Fair Trade practices and beautiful product range. Joyn is based in India, helping support those deep in poverty, living in slums, however, they have also begun new operations in a small village close to Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.joyn operation in a village of Thailand - handmade handbags - ethical gifts
Joyn are committed to producing stunning handbags, wallets and purses while adhering to ethical practices. These practices also empower the cultures from where the products are made.

Hand-made like no other

All processes of a Joyn handbag or wallet are hand-made to ensure as many people as possible can be included in the making process. From the blocks and paint used to create unique designs to the cotton being hand-spun and hand-weaved. As you can see in the life cycle below, you can't get much more handmade than that!joyns handbag lifecycle
Joyn believes, the more hands that touch the product, the more lives that can be changed and by purchasing a Joyn product you are the last step in that change.

hand paint blocking cotton fabric joyn handbags blue peacock

Meet the Joyn makers

meet the joyn makers handmade handbags wallets purses ethical gifts
There truly are some beautiful and amazing people involved in creating and making so many beautiful Joyn products - meet more of them here on the Joyn website

Expect Compliments

When you purchase a Joyn handbag or purse you are likely to get compliments (I’ve warned you haha) however be proud to tell them your piece isn’t just stunning but also handmade, Fair Trade and creating change! 


joyn logo - fair trade products handbags wallets and purses in the Fair Trader
Meet the Makers Products

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