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HIV infection has adversely affected African lives. Lack of understanding and education, poverty, lack of access to medical advice and help have enabled this disease to thrive in many of the African nations. Strangely our media are very slow to communicate any good news about our world, but there is so much amazing work being done amongst many of the African communities that are bringing health back to Africa's peoples.

The United Nation anti-HIV Program (UNAIDS) has been able to exceed it's 2011 goal of having 15 million HIV affected people worldwide on effective medication. This goal was exceeded by 2 million people in 2015. Once on effective medication, HIV affected people have a normal healthy lifespan. They are able to have children without passing on the infection. They are given the opportunity to survive and thrive. Such a miracle. Since 2003 the number of AIDS-related deaths worldwide has now been reduced by 43%, and in African nations, it has reduced by 36%, mainly amongst women. ( This amazing achievement has given the UN confidence that they can set an achievable target of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. 

You can help!

Your ethical purchase of ONE pair of Conscious Step UNAIDS socks can provide an HIV positive woman in an African Nation with SIX weeks of anti aids medication through the United Nations Anti HIV Program. Six weeks of treatment does not sound like much, does it? However, researchers have found that a pregnant woman who has access to Anti HIV medication during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy are able to give birth to a healthy HIV free child! Imagine how wonderful this is to a mother and child who would not otherwise have access to medical care. You can achieve this miracle through the simple purchase of a pair of socks!

The socks are comfortable and stylish! A mix of ethically sourced cotton and elastane. They wash and wear so well. They look great! What an amazing gift to give a pair of socks to a friend and give life to a newborn child! 

Sometimes we feel helpless to bring effective change to the world. But it is easy!

An ethical purchase really can change someone's world! 

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