New Nancybird: a celebration of art and the Australian landscape

New Nancybird: a celebration of art and the Australian landscape

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Welcome the new Nancybird range. Full of life, nature and colour, this collection is a celebration of art and the Australian landscape. Versatile and comfy, these pieces are perfect for Spring, Summer and layered during the chillier months.


Bec K wears the Nancybird Overall Dress in Mustard and the Apollo Tee in Desert Flower print. She is smiling looking to her left while the wind blows her hair gracefully. The backdrop is eucalyptus leaves and a white and cream wooden fence.


Artist: Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton

A photo of First Nations artist Julieanne Ngwarraye facing the camera wearing a top with her 'Desert Flower' artwork printed on it. To the left of the photo is an image of the entire Desert Flower artwork which depicts rocks and native plants and flowers. The colours are orange, yellow, green, purple, blue and white. There are different horizontal sections of the artwork from the top to the bottom of the page.
Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton and her 'Desert Flower' artwork

First Nations woman Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton
is the artist behind the captivating Desert Flower print. Julieanne lives and paints on Alyawarr country in the Northern Territory. Her Grandfather’s country is Antarrengeny and her Grandmother’s mother’s country is Aherrenge. She is a member of the Artists of Ampilatwatja, an Indigenous owned art centre near Alice Springs.

The Desert Flower artwork depicts plants, seeds, flowers, hills and rocks. While many First Nations artists paint Dreaming stories, the Artists of Ampilatwatja have made a conscious decision not to paint them, and instead their paintings portray the landscape, native plants and wildlife. Most of the artists paint Arreth which translates to 'strong bush medicine'.

Julieanne receives royalties for every Desert Flower tee sold. Nancybird operate under licensing contracts with artists and ensure they are paid fairly for the use of their work. Every single t-shirt generates income for the artist.

Mara wears the Nancybird Apollo Tee in Desert Flower print while smiling at the camera with her mouth closed. She has curly, shoulder-length dark hair. The background is a desert landscape with native grasses and a blue sky with a couple of wispy clouds.


Bec S stands, smiling at the ground while tucking her long, red hair behind her ear. She wears the Nancybird Pepper T-Shirt Dress in Treetops and brown Blundstone Chelsea boots. The dress has a pale, sky blue background with a painting of gumtree branches, leaves and cockatoos printed on it.


Artist: Emily Wright

A woman with curly dark hair leans against a tree wearing the Nancybird Pepper Dress in Treetops which has a blue background with gum branches, leaves and cockatoos printed on it. To the right of the photo is the original artwork that the print of the dress is based off. A pale sky blue background with grey and white branches, gum leaves and cockatoos flying between the branches.

Nancybird founder Emily Wright is an artist in her own right! Emily created the River Collection, inspired by her recent trip to the Murray on the lands of the Wadi Wadi, Wamba Wamba and Barapa Barapa people.

"Our natural surroundings have always been a central part of the Nancybird aesthetic,  reflecting the natural world and, in particular, drawing on an Australian perspective – our unique flora and the colours of the landscape. While some of our influences may come from overseas, we always try to bring them into an Australian context – what we have here is rich and diverse". - Emily

Bec K wears the Mina Sweatshirt in River Landscape with the Lou Overall Dress


Bec S wears the Hadley Pant in Black Botanical

A reimagining of a vintage floral design, this joyful print features a garden of soft green leaves and warm red blooms on a classic black background.

Bec K wears the Mina Sweatshirt in Black Botanical


Shop the entire new Nancybird range here.

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