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Socks & Jocks Draw Sachets - 2pk

Thurlby Herb Farm

  • $15.95

This aromatic sachet naturally repels moths and other insects while leaving clothes smelling fresh. Enclosed in recycled cotton paper, the contents of this sachet is made entirely from natural botanical ingredients. Pop this sachet into your underwear drawer, suitcase, or gym bag, and enjoy its fresh, woody scent while keeping your clothing safe from bugs, without the chemicals.

  • Anti moth clothing protector
  • Repells insects
  • Use it to freshen drawers, suitcases, gym bags and more
  • Made in Western Australia at Thurlby Herb Farm
  • No synthetic additives, parabens or lauryl sulphates
  • Cruelty free - not tested on animals

Two pocket size sachets. Black fabric with black and white grosgrain ribbon trim.

Thurlby Herb Farm

The Thurlby Farm is tucked away not far from Walpole in the southern forests of Western Australia – 420 km south of Perth and 120km west of Albany. The essential oils and herbs used in their products are sourced from the Thurlby garden or imported from ethical herb and spice cooperatives around the world. Botanicals are collected from the garden, then dried and mixed in different aromatic blends to be used in their products which are handmade at the Farm. Thurlby products contain no synthetic additives, parabens or lauryl sulphates, and they are not tested on animals. Their product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton paper that is handmade in Bangladesh by a Fair Trade women's co-op. This cotton is a by product from the clothing industry.

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