Tailor Made Clothing Protector

Thurlby Herb Farm

  • $11.95

I have customers walk into our store and stop and ask me what smells so nice, and of course it is the Thurlby Herb Farm Products. They are beautifully and naturally fragranced. We stock Thurlby products because they wrap each of their products in a fair trade cotton paper. 

Their Anti Moth Herbal Spice Clothing Protector is a solid block embedded with  Sandalwood essential oil. The block is wrapped in an elegant black cotton with a white stitching detail and has a handy loop for hanging in your cupboard. You will find that it gives your wardrobe a subtle fragrance while naturally protecting your clothing from Moths. Each pack will last for months. 

I wince when I think of all the years I sprayed surface spray in our wardrobes. How much better and safer to use a natural essential oil to keep moths away? 

Thurlby Herb farm is near Perth and a beautiful place to visit if ever you get to WA. Thurlby are careful to explore ethical and sustainable options in all their products and this Anti Moth Block is wrapped in cotton paper made in Bangladesh by a Fair Trade Women's Co-op. The women make the paper out of cotton fibres discarded by the local clothing industry. Well Done Thurbly! 

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