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In nations where there is poverty it is difficult for most people but for those who live with a disability, life can become impossible.  

While on holiday in Nepal a brave young woman from Melbourne called Stephanie Woollard rang her mum to talk through her distress at seeing seven disabled women living in an uninsulated tin shed in Kathmandu and suffering from crushing discrimination. 

In Nepal, a disability is a punishment for evil committed in a past life. This bad luck is thought to be contagious, limiting employment opportunities and placing women at terrible risk Stephanie felt she could not leave Kathmandu without bringing change to these women and in 2006 she started a Fair Trade Organisation called 'Seven Women' 

Seven Women focuses on bringing change to disabled and disadvantaged women. Women are raised from birth as second-class citizens of Nepal and from small girls grow with little confidence in their ability to be independent. Teaching literacy, new skill sets and giving each worker value and respect brings a new hope to precious Nepalese women. Since Stephanie began her work over 5,000 women have come to learn manufacturing skills, literacywork in the cooking school and are given respect and healing as they learnWhat an amazing young woman!   

We stock Seven Women products in store and each product is a beautiful quality product made by women who have come for hope and help. The Seven Women Cashmere Scarves are light, elegant and beautiful. Recycled Sari Gowns are comfortable to wear and look beautiful. The three finger puppet bags are perfect travel companions for children.

When you buy a Seven Women you have a product that will bring you joy and also brings life and hope to women who live in a nation that does not value them, and when they happen to have a disability, disdains them absolutely. Your purchase helps to give them independence and show the Nepalese world that women are amazing! And we are.  

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