How You Can Change Someone's World in Haiti

How You Can Change Someone's World in Haiti

Posted by Bronwyn Newnham on

I have been tempted to be very down through the Lockdowns in Victoria, it is such a very difficult time for everyone.

I am sorry this blog is so sad, I am worried about our suppliers.

Our makers live in nations and communities that have been adversely affected by the COVID virus, and the virus has taken full advantage of their economic distress. 

The tiny nation of Haiti has been absolutely buffeted by troubles over the past two years.

A quick history

Haiti was the most profitable slave colony of France through income from its successful sugar cane plantations. The slave population battled with the leadership of France, and won their freedom from their overlords in 1804. France, Britain and the United States of America responded to these 'dangerous' slave freedoms by imposing an embargo on Haiti, and without trade, Haiti became impoverished. In order to tempt France to recognise them as an independent nation, and allow the small nation to engage in trade, Haiti had to agree to a fine or debt imposed on them of 90 million francs, or todays equivalent of 14 or 15 Billion US dollars. This debt was recompense for what France claimed was "Lost Property, including land and slaves". Haiti finished paying back the debt in 1947.

In the last months Haiti has lost a president through assassination, and now there is a battle for control. As well, COVID is spreading easily through communities due to overcrowded housing. The UN is asking Haiti for assurances of safety so they can send in help, but the distress and disorder is making this a hard promise to make. 

You can help us support the Atelier Calla artisan community of Haiti wth the simple act of purchasing a piece of beautiful jewellery, or exquisite items for your table, this income enables the people of Haiti to work and earn enough to survive and share their support through their difficulties.



These unique, geometric statement 'Olivia Earrings' are handmade by women in Haiti. They have quality gold plated brass posts and are hypo allergenic. Beautiful and Fair Trade, they are made from horn, a by-product of food, in Haiti. 



What a beautiful set of hand-carved salad servers! These are Fair Trade, made from locally-sourced wood and horn, which is a by-product usually thrown away after food production.  These are stunning and unusual, and will sit on your table with grace. 



A gorgeous hand-carved wooden bowl with horn detail on the rim. At around 12.7 cm or 5 inches in size, and made from wood and horn, this little bowl is exquisite.  This would look so beautiful on the table, or in the bathroom with make up wipes. It is just a stunning little piece of art. 


With 70% unemployment and a GDP of $2.41 a day in Haiti, the mission of Atelier Calla is to provide a living wage to young men and women. Sustainable jobs, a Fair Trade partnership, and export opportunities are pertinent to re-establishing the craft sector as one of Haiti’s highest ranking industries. Currently there are 30 men and women who work with Atelier Calla.

Wouldn't  it be lovely to have an item with such beautiful meaning in your home? These are such a resilient people. We would absolutely love your support in being a part of creating regular income for this community of people. 


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