Her Story | Stories from our Women Artisans

Her Story | Stories from our Women Artisans

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This International Women's Day we want to shine a light on our amazing women artisans. We bring you 'Her Story' - stories of women's empowerment, strength and hope.
IWD - Artisan Bangladesh

"Before joining the group we needed to ask our husbands for approval before going anywhere. Now we don't have to depend on them because we have the money, we can go anywhere and we can spend the money as we want. We are happy because we make our own decisions now."

- Haricha Begum, Jute Weaver
 U-Chus Fair Trade, Bangladesh

Lin Lin Eden - IWD 2022

My dream was always to have my own business. Eden helped me get a Myanmar ID card and helped me to learn my native language again. I opened a bank account for the first time and started to save money for my dream.”

Lin Lin, Jewellery Maker
  Eden Jewellery, Myanmar

International Women's Day - Fair Trade Artisan Marlar

"In those first days at Eden, I loved making the jewellery. I could sit and listen to the other girls talking and laughing. I was surprised I could make something so beautiful."

- Marlar, Jewellery Workshop Manager
  Eden Jewellery, Myanmar

Bimla Joyn - Fair Trade Women Artisans

This is Bimla, one of Joyn Bags' longest serving stitchers. Although quiet, Bimla is intelligent, and a hard worker. She has five children - three sons and two beautiful daughters. Her two daughters are still going to school and will complete schooling soon. She works hard for her family and dreams for her children to become successful in life. She also wants to someday build a house for her family.

Bimla, Stitcher
Joyn Bags, India

Tsering Yangon Joyn - Fair Trade Artisan IWD

This is Tsering Yangdon. She works in Joyn’s procurement, quality control and cutting departments. Yangdon loves that she gets the opportunity to learn more than one skill at work. She enjoys dancing, giving people hugs and making them happy and she even dreams of owning a business someday!

Tsering Yangdon
Joyn Bags, India & Nepal

Joyn Bags - Fair Trade Artisan IWD

Malti is a fighter. She has raised her younger siblings and has grown up quickly.  She persevered through life’s challenges and is strong, beautiful, bold, and a little ornery.  She loves to dance. Before working with JOYN, she was studying and she is so happy that she can continue to study while working. She has a dream to see all her siblings successful and settled well in life. Malti’s dream is to build a beautiful house for her family.

Joyn Bags, India

IWD Pebble Child Toys Artisan - The Fair Trader

Kakoli Rai is an artisan from a village in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. She started working with Pebble Toys (Hathay Bunano) in 2012 when she was a student at university. She covered all her educational expenses working with Pebble and supports her parents in many ways.

Kakoli Rai
Pebble Toys, Bangladesh

Kenana Knitters Maker - IWD 2022

“This work is great because you actually rely on yourself to generate your own income. When I earn my money I am able to spend it on the things that I feel are important, like the children. The work here is stress free, as women we come here to work, we invest in our small self-help groups, we share our stories and best of all we laugh and are happy. That’s why I like being here.”

- Grace Muchemi
  Kenana Knitters, Kenya

IWD 2022 - Kenana Knitters Maker

“I want to thank Paddy and Kenana Knitters. This work has helped me and my children in very many ways. This work that we do at Kenana has enabled me to provide shelter, education, food and clothing for my children. Kenana has also provided me with medical care. I cannot thank you enough, I pray that Kenana will always be able to help women.”

- Lucy Muthoni, Toy Maker
  Kenana Knitters, Kenya

International Women's Day - Fair Trade Artisans

“We thank Paddy for believing in the women of Kenana Knitters, you have brought development, literacy and empowerment for women in Njoro. I also thank Bruce for allowing Kenana Knitters to be located here on Kenana Farm. It is a very safe environment for women and their children.”

- Millicent Oduor, Toy Maker
  Kenana Knitters, Kenya

Kenana Knitters Maker - IWD 2022

“My work at Kenana has enabled me to educate my two daughters as well as make an investment in land where my husband and I have built a permanent family home.”

- Purity Wachuka
  Kenana Knitters, Kenya

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