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Eden is Committed

Posted by Bronwyn Newnham on

We have a new range of Fair Trade Jewellery. This jewellery is made in China and Burma by women who have been offered sanctuary from prostitution. These women did not choose prostitution but have become involved in different ways. Some have been lured into the industry by deception, some have been trafficked by organised crime syndicates and some have become prostitutes through economic desperation. It is violence and abuse that keeps her in sex work.

Eden Ministry works to reach and rescue these women. The team walks through Red Light Districts in China and Burma with the purpose of making contact with women who work there. Eden has set up Apartment Sanctuaries to enable women who have been prostitutes to have a place of refuge where they can heal in safety. Mentors and counsellors are provided to assist them as they have the need.  Medical and maternity care is also available. Eden also is involved in educating high school girls to avoid dangerous situations which begin the journey into prostitution. They also visit girls in jail, taking them toiletries and friendship.  100% of the income from the jewellery goes to wages and the support and care of these precious women. 

eden committed necklace black and gold ethical jewellery gifts

This is a Necklace from the Eden Jewellery range. 18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant, gold-plated chain and clasp, with 1″ extension chain. Available in 18″ and 32″. The dark side purposely hangs lower because hope and love are always stronger. The inside heart is given as a gift to a woman at an Eden Ministry Site. Eden Ministries ask that as you wear the exterior circle, you commit to remember and pray for the young woman who has the middle part of your necklace and to raise awareness about women trafficked for sexual exploitation.

This purchase is a direct opportunity for you to be a part of a movement bringing freedom to exploited women
— Eden Ministry

Help support other women around the world by purchasing a piece of beautiful Eden Jewellery. Many available in-store and online - view them here.

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