Bloke's Soap

Thurlby Herb Farm

  • $13.95

A man size block of handmade soap wrapped in black handmade paper with a white stitching detail. The soap is made using herbs and spices grown in Perth Western Australia and imported from ethical herb and spice co operatives around the world.  It smells wonderful! Absolutely my favourite fragrance mix.  The spices within the soap include essential oils including anise, cinnamon and a cleansing citrus. Not flowery, just a clean fresh fragrance. 

  • Large block of Herbal Soap in black fabric pouch
  • Hand made in Western Australia
  • 170 gm

Thurlby Herb farm is near Perth and beautiful place to visit if ever you get to WA. Thurlby are careful to explore ethical and sustainable options in all their products and this big block of handmade soap is wrapped in cotton paper made in Bangladesh by a Fair Trade Women's Co Op. The women make the paper out of cotton fibres discarded by the local clothing industry. Well Done Thurbly! 

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