Wool Safari Elephant

Kenana Knitters

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I am a homespun and hand knitted wool elephant. I have come all the way from Kenya to see you! I have a trunk and two tusks but I am still very gentle. You can tell me anything and I will never tell!

  • 100% homespun wool
  • Natural, plant-based dyes
  • Handmade by women in Kenya
  • Tag signed by the woman who made it
  • Safe for babies - no plastic beaded eyes


Height while elephant is seated.

Small: 23cm
Medium: 28cm
Large: 38cm

Please note: This product is uniquely handmade, therefore size and facial features may vary slightly from the given dimensions and photo.

    Kenana Knitters

    Kenana Knitters toys are handcrafted by women in Kenya using homespun wool that is naturally dyed with local plants and flowers. Each cuddly animal friend is unique with its own personality. Learn more about the people behind Kenana Knitters here.

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