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Tiled Cuff

Matr Boomie

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This beautiful Tiled Cuff has two straight brass rows with delicate scalloped patterns that continue around both edges of the entire cuff. The cuff has beautiful ivory coloured tiles that give elegance to this piece of jewellery. The cuff is non malleable. 

Made in India this cuff gives work to desperately poor communities in the huge city of New Delhi. The urban poor live in this city without the safety net of free health care, government funded schooling or unemployment assistance. The employment given through the production of this jewellery gives security and safety to these artisans and their families. Your purchase works hard in the world. 

This beautiful cuff is made in India for Matr Boomie a Fair Trade Organisation that focused on empowering artisan communities in India out of poverty through Fair Trade Work. You can metaphorically meet the makers here....

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