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Three Strand Pendent Necklace

Three Strand Pendent Necklace

My Fight

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This longer copper, brass and silver beaded necklace is made up of smaller beads woven into a triplet strand necklace. There are three ecliptic pendant beads at the base. This necklace could be worn doubled around you neck. This necklace would match either gold or silver earrings and watch. You will be wearing a unique product which enables women in Ethiopia to survive and thrive. 

MyFight believes in Ethical and empowering beauty. They began seven years ago with the goal of helping to end poverty. The more the My Fight Team tried to focus on how to change the effects of oppression, the more they began to realise they could only help create lasting change if they dug down to the roots of this issue. Rather than trying to found a new organisations to serve at-risk communities, they began to connect with existing community workshops and businesses already rising up to defy poverty. We proudly partner with locally-founded organisations in Ethiopia, Nepal, India, and Kenya -  entities that are providing an accessible, sustainable framework for vulnerable people to experience empowerment through their own hands and capabilities. When 'My Fight' asked, these organisations told them what they needed most: access to the Western market so they could directly share their unique, exotic creations. MyFight became the link between those who are actively braving and overcoming the struggle against poverty and those who wish to join the fight by celebrating and displaying the fruits of these artisan labours. My Fight invest in the women who invest in themselves. These women believe there is a better way, and they make that way


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