Superior Blend Black Tea - 200g Loose Leaf


  • $7.95

This Fair Trade tea is delicious and incredibly smooth! We are sure it will be the best tea you have tasted! Mild and smooth with no tanin background taste at all.  Delicious and fairly grown and harvested. Tradewinds is a volunteer based, not for profit company who has been working in fair Trade since 1977. 

  • Grown in Sri Lanka
  • Blended for a delicious full bodied taste
  • Leaf Grade: Broken Orange Pekoe
  • 100% Black Tea

Tradewinds’ non-organic Ceylon teas are all Fair Trade certified and are sourced and blended for us by Stassen. Stassen is a wholly Sri Lankan owned company, and has a long record of commitment to its employees' welfare, and to providing jobs, educational and social development opportunities and health care to people in rural areas. Tradewinds also works with local tea growers in a constructive way. 

In 2015 Tradewinds Tea Co Operative realised that the children of a local tea plantation workers were walking 14kms to school and back each day. The roads in this local area were too difficult for the school buses to navigate. Their parents were also poorly educated and working long hours which made it difficult to help their children or encourage them in their school work. The Co-operative decided to establish the Children's Educational Development Project to support a fun program which helped these children with homework after school, and established a pre school to start the children early with simple literacy and learning. They also fund tables and chairs for study in the homes of the tea workers.  Their goal is to assist over 250 children with gaining an education.

Now that's a good cup of tea!

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