Spring Beads Long Necklace – The Fair Trader
Spring Beads Long Necklace

Spring Beads Long Necklace

The Fair Trader

  • $25.00

This bright and beautiful necklace is created by a small Fair Trade business in the Philippines. The beads are made from carefully managed and sustainably sourced wood. Large beads are coloured in spring colours and threaded onto a cream coloured soft string with a knot between each bead. The result is a striking necklace that is fresh and bright.
Made by a Fair Trade business ensures that is no child labour involved, and workers are paid above the Fair Wage law. The workers of this company also receive social security contributions, health insurance, and contributions to a home loan scheme.

You will feel beautiful wearing this necklace knowing that vulnerable workers are empowered by your purchase. 

Made in the Philippines this necklace gives fair wages and flexible work to the women who create this gorgeous necklace. made of sustainably sourced wooden beads you will be caring for the environment as you wear this light and beautiful necklace. 

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