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Rainbow Paper Bead Necklace

Rainbow Paper Bead Necklace


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This necklace is approximately 120cm long and is hand made from a mixture of small and medium recycled paper beads in different bright colours interspersed with tiny glass seed beads. 90cm long and is hand-made from by the women artisans in Uganda. The necklace is available in blue or red tones and can be wrapped twice around the neck. A great gift or a small indulgence, it is a chic but functional addition to the wardrobe.


These beautiful Fair Trade beads have been featured in Vogue, and Marie Claire magazines. Each bead is made form a triangle of recycled paper which is rolled and glued and covered with an environmentally friendly vanish. The beads are water resistant and durable in normal wear. AfriBeads is both an eco and socially conscious product, and each purchase helps a group of women in Uganda send their children to school. As each piece is hand-made, each necklace is one of a kind.

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