Organic Cotton Leopard – The Fair Trader

Organic Cotton Leopard

Kenana Knitters

  • $49.00

This leopard has been roaming in rural Kenya. He has stories of courage to tell us. Stories of hope as the women who knit this happy toy together talk and laugh in the Kenana Knitters Farm.

  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Dyed using bio-friendly dyes making, good for the Environment.
  • He is approximately 40 cm high.
  • No dangerous buttons and no plastic facial features.
  • Plaited cotton scarf completes this little toy.
  • Fair Trade

This toy is made in rural Kenya where electricity is a rare privilege and unemployment is over 35%. The sustained and fairly paid work at Kenana gives hope to the knitters, hope for a better future and independence as they knit their lives back together stitch by stitch. No wonder this little leopard is so full of joy!

Meet the wonderful makers at 'Stitch by Stitch' 

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