Hoop Ribbon Earrings

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These Drop Silver Earrings are elegant and understated. The circle moves within the hook and looks beautiful as you move. Perfect match for a work outfit and also perfect for a night out with friends.

The long hook is connected to a sterling silver wire circle with a silver feature at the base to add weight and interest.  Gorgeous! 

  • Sterling Silver Hook and Earring
  • 4 cm Drop
  • Woven Wire Detail at base
  • Clean with Silver Cleaner
  • Fair Trade Certified through Just Trade

This ethical jewellery is handmade by Cristina from the Hope Jewellery fair trade project in Lima, Peru. In Peru there is a lack of part time, fairly paid work, especially for women living in the sprawling shanty towns of Lima. The options are either working as a housekeeper in the wealthy part of town or in a textile factory; both of which involve lengthy travel, long hours and leaving their children unattended or in the care of the wider family. Over the last thirteen years, Just Trade have worked hand in hand with Hope Jewellery to provide part time, fairly paid work that the women can do from home, or close to home. This has made a significant difference to their household incomes, meaning the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for medical treatment and educate their children, as well as spend more time with their families.

 The project is now based in four areas of Peru, two in the shanty towns in Lima (La Tablada and California) and two provincial cities (Ayacucho and Cajamarca). We are now providing regular work for more than thirty women.

Ethical Silver Jewellery Nieves, Hope Jewellery Project. 

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