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Full Circle Talisman Necklace

Article 22

  • $99.00

Article 22 jewellery is made by 15-20 artisan families in rural Laos. Each family works in safe conditions and receive a fair wage for their work. The funds raised by the jewellery has funded the clearing of mines from Laos farmland and allows the farmers to work the land in peace and safety. It is estimated that on average 13 million dollars of armaments were dropped on Laos for every day of the Vietnam Conflict. 

  • Designed for the option of three lengths.
  • Sits in the curve of your neck
  • Circle is made of repurposed bomb fragments dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War.
  • Beautifully Delicate Chain available in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.
  • Your purchase will fund further clearance of armaments from 7-9 metres of Laos farmland. 
  • Bombs to Beauty! 

Article 22

Article 22 Jewellery is made from repurposed Bomb metal. It is estimated that over 250 million cluster bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War. 80 million of those bombs failed to detonate. This impacts Laos negatively as the nation strives to build development.

Article 22 partners with MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to fund the safe removal of Cluster Bomb remnants from Laos Soil . MAGS has cleared over 60,853,231 square metres of Laos farmland of bombs to date. Each piece of exquisite jewellery provides more funding to clear unexploded ordinance from Laos. An amazing Organisation that was supported by Princess Dianna during her lifetime. 

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