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Shuttle Messenger Bag


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      From the very first day Smateria was established with the aim of the creative re-use of "bizarre" fabrics and creation of a fair and just workplace, giving priority to young women and mothers.
      • Two Zipped Pockets and one Open Pocket Inside
      • Two Exterior Pockets
      • Special Strap back of Bag for attaching to suitcase handle.  
      • Light Weight
      • Snap Closure for quick access
      • L35 x H25 x W12cm.
      • Snap hook for keys.
      • Adjustable shoulder strap. 

      Smateria's workforce are now 85% women, and Smateria support these women by providing a child care facility upstairs for their babies and children. Wouldn't it be nice if our employers did the same in Australia!

      Smateria uses this childcare provision to build education in the children in their care, employing teachers and providing a library and encouraging the children to borrow. What a positive action! 

      They also give their employees a Living Wage and a thirteen month salary each year. The people who work in Smateria are encouraged to apply for roles within the organisation and hired on merit, not gender or religion.  Smateria also has a Child Labour Free Certification on all products. 

      Smateria uses recycled and repurposed materials to make their bags!   They use Mosquito netting, Motorcyle seats, and plastic bags to create their beautiful bags and pouches. All combined with beautiful Italian Design. Perfect!





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