Dropped and Made in Laos Bangle

Article 22

  • $79.95

Article 22 jewellery is made ethically by 15-20 artisan families in rural Laos. Each family works in safe conditions and receive a fair wage for their work. The funds raised by the jewellery funds the ongoing work of MAGS, the Mines Advisory Group who work to clear mines left behind after conflict.  During the Vietnam War, the Allies dropped over 13 million dollars of cluster bombs per day on Laos. MAGS estimate it will take another 200 years to clear Laos from all ordinance at the current rate of clearing. We were never at war with Laos. 

This Peacebomb bangle is:

  • Made of bomb fragments found in the farmland of rural Laos. 
  • Hardy enough to survive a woman's busy day.
  • Grows in beauty as it is worn, starting with a brushed metal look but gaining shine as you wear it.
  • Funds the clearance of 4-11 square metres of unexploded ordinance
  • Available in two designs (see the Arrow Bangle here)
  • Made Fair Trade in Laos
  • Sustainable - made from recycled materials

You can watch Princess Dianna in her work to ensure that all Landmines are made with built-in obsolescence here.

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