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Australian Playground CD

Australian Playground CD


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I remember when my children were small, they used to play games with a USA accent!

I think that most of their games and music and of course, Television was so much made in the US that they started to mimic the sounds. It was lovely to play them songs of Kangas and Aussie Adventure and Mates! It was also pretty special to have the opportunity to play the beautiful Australian Indigenous Musical Tracks too. Now all young adults, they have extended their listening to the Baker Boys and the exquisite music of Gurramul. 

This children's album includes fun songs about kangaroos, didgeridoos and so much more! As well as featuring a kid-friendly Australian recipe.

The album has songs from the magical landscapes of the land down under and helps children to have an inclusive attitude to all the cultures, peoples and environments that contribute so much to our nation.

1% of Putumayo’s sales will be contributed to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation in support of their initiatives to provide music programs and instruments to disadvantaged children in schools and juvenile detention centres in Australia.

Listen to a sample below.


Australian Playground CD tracks:

1. The Neo and Garrangali:  Marrtjina (Let's Go) 
2. Seaman Dan : Mangoe Rain
3. Joe Hall and the TreeHouse band - Loose Change
4. Garrangili: Mirri 
5. Bob Brown, 'Give me a Home among the Gumtrees'
6. Don Spencer: Kangaroo
7. Rosie Burgess: Random Acts 
8. The South Australian Police Band:The Road to Gundagai
9. Kamerunga : Seisa
10. Lazy Harry: Waltzing Matilda

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