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Arrow Tag Wrap

Article 22

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A stylish wrist wrap with intense meaning. This wrap funds the clearance of mine material from a three metre square are of Laos. During the Vietnam War the US and Allies dropped 13 million dollars of ordinance on Laos per day of the conflict. So many bombs are still in the soil waiting. This little wrap funds the work of removal and looks great at the same time!

Article 22 Arrow Tags are made from Cluster Bombs dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War. Each piece funds the ongoing work of the Mines Advisory Group who work towards the removal of the 80 million unexploded ordinance that remains in the soil of this poor nation. 

This wrap has an arrow engraved into its centre line, pointing forward to a future without post war mine injuries. 

  • Silver colour Tag, brushed metal
  • Arrow Engraving
  • Water resistant Wrist Wrap
  • Fair Trade 
  • Funds the clearance of three square metres of Laos farmland

Princess Diana was a humanitarian who longed for the abolition of landmines from the war arsenal. Watch her as she supports the work of MAGS (Mines Advisory Group) who work to remove mines in post war areas. 


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