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Putumayo CD: Afro Caribbean Party

Putumayo CD: Afro Caribbean Party


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We in Australia often forget that Africa is not one nation. But, there are 54 different countries within the African continent, and wonderful music from each one. The music reflects different history, language and culture. This CD features upbeat music from the Caribbean, and features music from Cuba Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and beyond! Listening to this CD makes you feel like you are here:

Instead of fighting through traffic in the middle of a Melbourne Winter. And if the cold gets too much for you the Album also features a Rum Punch recipe..

Listen to a little demo below.


1 - Kali - "La Grev Bare Mwen" - (Martinique)

2 - Clinton Fearon - Come By Yah - (Jamaica)

3 - Ska Cubano - "Cachita" - (Cuba)

4 - Wesli - "Bèl Ti Fanm Kreyol" - (Haiti)

5 - Michel Blaise - "Fem'm Sa" - (Haiti)

6 - Asere - "A Favor del Viento" - (Cuba)

7 - Famara - "Famasound" - (Switzerland)

8 - Jan Sebon and Kazak International - "Mango Fransik (Mango Lafrance)" - (Haiti)

9 - Chispa Labori - "La Barca" - (Cuba)

10 - Fred Ferguson & Graffiti - "Spence for da Soul" - (The Bahamas)

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