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Wild Timor Products began when a group of soldiers on a Peace Keeping Mission were stationed near a small village in the mountain region of Maubisse and Aileu. They made friends with the Villagers and were drinking delicious coffee from the now wild coffee plantation nearby. They watched the villagers being taken advantage of by coffee buyers and decided to send a sample to a friend in Melbourne. This delicious coffee and other beverages has now become 'Wild Timor' and pays the Villagers Directly and Fairly for their work. The Wild Timor Team have now used the income to provide scholarships for young students in Dili, Provide clean water and a preschool for a village in Belumhato, School Uniforms for Students in the Oecusse Area and helped to provide Pre-natal care for mothers in the Laulara Birthing Centre. 

The team are constantly looking for new ways to empower the coffee and spice growers and surrounding communities in East Timor.

Your beverages will taste so much better with respectful Fair coffee that works so hard in our world. 

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