Nablus Palestinian Pure Olive Oil Soap

Palestine Fair Trade

  • $12.95

The Tbeleh family have been making soap since 1611. The soap is made from the olive oil grown locally in Palestine. 

Today, they still use traditional methods to produce hand-made soap made from natural and chemical-free ingredients with virgin and 100% organic olive oil as the base. These are gentle soaps for all skin types with a nourishing and moisturising natural formula. This soap is very good for skin that is prone to allergy, especially children. 

  • Pure virgin olive oil soap
  • Traditionally wrapped 
  • Elegant gold and white box 
  • 135g square of ivory-coloured hand-made soap
  • Organic virgin olive oil is the main ingredient
  • Non allergenic
  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade

The formula for the soap is strikingly simple: a combination of virgin olive oil, water, and a basic sodium compound made by mixing the powdered ash of the barilla plant that grows along the banks of the River Jordan. The finished product is ivory-coloured and has almost no scent.

Palestine Fair Trade

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