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Top 7 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Posted by Rebecca Kempson on

Men are notoriously always the hardest to buy for and so we have created this list of amazing unique Father's Day Gift ideas just for you!


1. Conscious Step Sock Collection

You can't go past the traditional socks and jocks! We don't have jocks (sorry) however we do have some absolutely amazing socks ready to change the world from helping fight poverty to saving our oceans.

2. Better World Arts Indigenous leather wallet

How about a leather wallet with an embossed design depicting hills from a distance and the wind blowing through the sand is beautifully made with incorporated pockets and slots for every man's need.

3. Ecoffee Cup

These reusable cups are light, come in some beautiful and unique patterns and are easy to use with tight-fitting lids. They are made from sustainable bamboo fibre and the best part...dishwasher safe! Each has a close tab in the lid keeping his hot drink or coffee warm and reduce spillages.

4. Wild Timor coffee

Speaking of coffee, let him enjoy some of the best coffee in Melbourne. Wild Timor Products began when a group of soldiers on a Peace Keeping Mission were stationed near a small village in the mountain region of Maubisse and Aileu. They made friends with the Villagers and were drinking delicious coffee from the wild coffee plantation nearby. They watched the villagers being taken advantage of by coffee buyers and decided to send a sample to a friend in Melbourne, it was clearly loved!

This coffee has a strong smooth velvety taste of Arabica Bean and hints of Robusta. The delicious smell and taste of this coffee is what tempts us all out of bed in the morning especially those cold winter mornings.

5. Better World Arts Tie, Cuff link and handkerchief set

Woven ties at their best. A traditional Indigenous pattern turned into a stunning statement tie, complemented with a stunning set of 1.5cm square cuff links.
You can't go past a man in a suit and stunning tie.


Other patterns are also available.

Printed ties alone also available 

6. Speak Up Wrist Wrap

This simple yet stunning brown leather wrap with a rustic looking engraved bar is a great addition that your man may actually wear. The engraved words "Speak Up" are there to remind all to 'speak up' about peoples fundamental right to freedom.

7. Tyre Belt

Yes, you read it correctly. We have a belt made from the inner tubing of a tyre. Recycling at its best! Clearly not just a normal belt but a unique black belt made in Cambodia saving lives and building futures.


Still not quite sure? 

See all of our online Father's Day gift ideas here or head in-store for even more.

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